What are the Best Coffee Beans

Different coffee seeds come from every corner of the globe, from South america, to the Pacific and even Southeast Asian countries. This article will teach you a little bit about types of coffee beans and where they come from.

Which Coffee beans are Best

First off, what are the two main types of commercially cultivated coffee beans? option-o 磨豆機 Well, one is the Arabica bean, while the other is the ‘Robusta’ form of Canephora. The two have always been compared and many people argue which are the best. It’s very hard to say which are the best, because people have different preferences and tastes.

The two types of coffee bean differ in their caffeine content and their flavor. Some people think Arabica are the best coffee beans because they produce a smoother taste with lower caffeine content and more subtle flavors. While others prefer Robusta as because it gives a more pronounced or “bold” flavor and high caffeine content. Both beans have their distinct flavors due to different variables like the nutrients of the soil, the altitude of the plantation, and the climate where the plantation is located.

In the continent of South america alone, there are a lot of countries whose main produce are coffee. Among those countries, Brazil is the undisputed leader of coffee makers around the world. For the last five decades, Brazilians have been producing and distributing coffee across the globe. In fact, 66% of the best beans can be traced to Brazil. Most of the time, the coffee beans used in coffee shops and the ones that are stored in your kitchen cupboard are from Brazil.

Lovers of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, on the other hand, would dispute the Brazilians’ claim of having the best beans. This is a unique coffee because it is only produced in Jamaica. This coffee is expensive and special because of its mild flavor and lack of bitter aftertaste. Indeed every bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee must be certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica to guarantee that only the finest coffee beans will bear its renowned trademark.

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